West Genesee High School
5201 West Genesee St.
Camillus, NY 13031
Host: Ms. Theresa Murray
Dear Dakota,

external image DSCF0187.JPG

Flat Stanley arrived on Monday, November 1. He was a very patient guest has he had to wait a couple of days to visit with my students. He spent his days in Rooms A242 and A251. I think he learned that our high school is a pretty big place.

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He traveled to my five classes on Wednesday, November 3. He was able to help me take attendance in first period. High school students are not very awake in the morning. We start school at 7:25 am.

Later, he visited my law class but the students were camera shy so I won't be able to add a picture.

Next, he went to marketing class and helped some students create comic strips about some economic terms. He seemed to like this as the students were able to use crayons, markers and colored pencils. A group of students posed with Flat Stanley and really had a good time.

external image DSCF0185.JPG

Wajeeh, Andrew, Matt, Raven, Andrew and Bob are in the photo.

external image DSCF0188.JPG

Later, he visited the school store so Flat Stanley could see what we had available for purchase. We have basic school supplies in our store.

external image DSCF0186.JPG

At the end of the day, he came back to the computer lab and helped Travis with his typing. You will see Flat Stanley is helping to keep the place in the book. My students have to type without looking at the keyboard. The cover that you can see in this picture hides it.

Flat Stanley will begin his journey back to you on Friday. I hope he arrives safely and has great stories to tell you about visiting the big kids in the high school in upstate New York. It is possible that he will see some snow before he leaves here!

Sincerely, Ms. Murray